by Joey Atlas, M.S. – Exercise Physiology

One of the secrets to gaining true flexibility is CONSISTENCY with your stretching exercise routine.

It’s not how hard you stretch or how bizarre the method is.

And it is not how painful the stretches are that dictate your improvement in flexibility.

It’s your ‘stretching habit’ that determines your success with flexibility.

In all of my years in fitness – I’ve seen hundreds of clients improve their flexibility by sticking with their routine of full body stretches.

Several times a week, every week – delivers fantastic results. Range of motion improves. Aches and pains decrease and many times, go away completely. Activities become more enjoyable – including love-making.

Some stretching sessions last about ten minutes and some could last as long as 40 minutes. Having these options leaves no excuse for missing your stretching exercises in the course of a week.

Find a simple stretch routine – with some time variations to fit into your schedule and get started! Regarding your schedule – the right stretching exercises can go along way in reducing, controlling and managing stress. So if you think taking the time to go through a stretch routine is not going to fit into your schedule – you should look at it as an investment of time that will put you in a more productive and energetic state once you have completed your daily stretches.

Remain consistent and you will reap the incredible benefits that go along with ‘being flexible’.

Now go stretch!