by Joey Atlas – M.S., Exercise Physiology

One of the most frequent requests I get from clients is “I need help with increasing my energy levels.”

While most trainers focus on what ‘the books’ taught them, I use flexibility training to help clients ‘unlock’ the energy that is already present in their bodies.

You see, tight muscles & joints force you to work harder for any type of movement you are performing – even if it is just walking (you know those days where you feel like you are 3 times your actual weight?)

By being forced to work against your own body – you feel sluggish and lethargic – and you do get fatigued & exhausted.

The proper stretching routine helps you to loosen up those parts that are restricting your normal movement patterns – hence giving you more energy and reversing fatigue.

Also, just like many people report ‘runners high’ when jogging for certain distances – we have something called ‘stretcher’s high’ – this is the immediate feeling of increased energy, pain relief and a warm ‘buzz’ throughout the entire body upon completion of one of my stretching routines.

Don’t neglect one the most overlooked elements of total fitness – flexibility. It truly works wonders for anybody at any age.

If you don’t have a complete, easy to follow stretching program, you should.

…think about ordering ‘Optimum Flexibility’ – it will help you tremendously.