“OK, Joey. What Exactly Do I Get And How Much Does It Cost?

  1. dvd_flex_page_1_of.jpg DVD # 1 – ‘Optimum Flexibility’ – The Ultimate Stretching Exercise Program – This 45 minute routine gives you everything you need, and leaves out everything you don’t need. Extremely safe and highly effective – you will begin to feel looser and more energetic after just the first time going through this simple program. ($29.99 When Sold Separately – See Below For Special Offer)
  2. dvd_flex_page_of_2.jpg DVD # 2 (3 programs) ‘Optimum Flexibility – Quick Stretch‘- This 12 minute routine gives you almost all the benefits of the above program (provided you’ve been doing the long program once or twice per week), but in much less time. (Perfect for busy people!) – When you are short on time, don’t skip the stretch – just do the ‘QuickStretch’.Great for just before your game or for a power boosting morning stretch to get you going.- ‘The Stress Buster’ – We decided to add this one last minute, even though you’ll need someone to help. It is so simple but stunningly effective – it will knock your socks off, and anyone you do it to!!- The Best Stretches on The Exercise Ball – Nobody wants to spend 90 minutes on the exercise ball – but some programs are designed to have you do just that. Totally Unrealistic!! I show you exactly how to do only the best, most effective stretches you will ever need to do on the ball in about ten minutes. The only side affects here are a powerful adrenaline rush and the feeling that you’ve grown 3 inches!! ($27.95 When Sold Separately – See Below For Special Offer)
  3. Immediate Download Exercises Upon the completion of your transaction, to get you started as soon as possible, you will receive photos and instructions for 2 full body, tension & tightness relieving stretches AND 4 Core (Abs, Hips, Lower & Mid back) Strengthening Exercises. (These exercises are worth their weight in gold!) (You will get this immediately after your transaction & it will also come to you by automatic email – PRINT IT AND SAVE IT TO YOUR FAVORITES AS WELL). ($25.99 When Sold Separately – See Below For Special Offer).

“Hi Joey, I do your short program almost EVERY evening before bed. I am amazed that something so simple makes such a HUGE difference in the way I feel in the morning and the rest of the day. Thank you.” – Sande Seibert

When this Special Offer ends, This Combo DVD and Download Package will Cost $49.95 But Here is What I Am Offering For All Special Offer Purchasers:

  1. You get DVD # 2 Absolutely Free (thats the one with the 3 programs) ($27.95 Value)
  2. You get the Download Exercises Absolutely Free ($25.99 Value) (these will be on your ‘Thank You’ page)
  3. You only pay $19.97 FOR EVERYTHING (DVDs 1 and 2 plus the downloads) if you order today, thats over 50% OFF.
  4. And, If you order today I am also going to include (for FREE) two extremely loaded and helpful fitness conditioning E-Books that will come to you on the ‘Thank You’ page for immediate download, they are:

stair_ex_for_butt_legs_cover_dhdq.jpgA) ‘Ultimate Stair Fitness Conditioning’ – This 99 page e-book is packed with results delivering general fitness and sports conditioning stair exercise programs and advice for all fitness or athletic levels – from Stair Training Expert – Virgil Aponte. These programs are perfect for building strength, endurance, power, agility and range of motion for every day life or top sports performance. ($32 Value!)

mg_fitness_ecover_buttocks_zwi6.jpgB) ‘Fitness Insider Training & Nutrition Secrets’ – This 60 page e-book answers all of your questions about what you need to eat for weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, more energy, toning up, workout recovery and losing body fat. It also contains several workout programs from Mike Geary – Fitness Conditioning Specialist, one of the top personal trainers of my generation. ($29 Value!) Be sure to place your order today to lock in this special price and to ensure you receive all of the bonuses I am offering in this Seasonal Special. This is a limited time offer and will end very soon. And don’t forget, you get six flexibility and core strengthening exercises, immediately, along with your two free e-books, to get you started today! (These will all be accessible on the ‘Thank you’ page.)


And to make sure you are at ease with your purchase, this program, just like all of my other DVD products, is covered by a 1 Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee – In other words, you have 365 days to decide if this program gives you what you need. If it doesn’t, just send it back & you’ll be issued a full refund (minus shipping) – & you get to keep the freebies!

We Gladly Accept… credit_card_payment_button.jpg and Money Orders

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“Dear Joey – I have a very bad back… fused vertebrae, rods, screws, etc. I can still golf but it has been difficult at times. Your stretching exercises have enabled me to do so much better and have provided alot of pain relief. I’m still getting better every week and at my age, given my deplorable condition, it is really helping me to do your stretches. Its amazing that a flexibility program so simple can make everyday life so much better. Thanks for caring and contacting me after I purchased the stretching videos, it means alot to me to know that you really do care.”- Your Servant – Dr. Roy Lester

To Place Your Order By Phone Please Call Us Toll Free: 866-Yes-Joey (866-937-5639). You will either get me or my assistant, Pam. International Callers Please Dial – 866-937-5639

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Still have some questions? Send me an email at joey (at) joeyatlas . com or call me toll free at 866-Yes-Joey (866-937-5639)

Be Fit!

Joey Atlas, M.S. – Exercise Physiology

PS – Don’t miss out on this offer, this program will help you in ways you never thought were possible.

“There are only a handful of Flexibility Specialists who truly understand what type of flexibility program a golfer needs. Joey is one of those guys. He has helped me tremendously. And if he can help an old golfer like me, his program will help you.”
- Mark McCumber – 10 Time PGA Tour Champion

“I have experienced chronic back pain for the past 20 years due to lack of flexibility. As a pediatric dentist and avid golfer, there have been periods of time when my back would ‘go out’ causing me to lose valuable time out of the office and off the golf course. Since working with Joey and his ‘Optimum Flexibility’ program, my back problems have been greatly reduced and I have not had to cancel one round of golf in the last 2 years. I used to be afraid to bend over and tee up my ball, now my opponents are afraid when I tee up the ball!! Joey has taught me how to gain flexibility, strength and endurance for golf and every day life. No other program has been able to help me like Joey’s has.” - Michael Switkes