By Joey Atlas, MS – Exercise Physiology
Creator of the ‘Optimum Flexibility Stretches’ DVD Series

Joey Atlas Explains The Benefits of a Greatly
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Every Body Needs Stretching For Flexibility

St Johns, Florida

The most underestimated and overlooked element of overall physical fitness and sports performance is flexibility. Long practiced but little understood stretching programs have existed for years in various forms in different settings. But there are only a few that possess the elements of a truly realistic and effective stretching program with tremendous health, fitness and sports performance benefits.

The problem is most people, even professional trainers, do not know how or where to find these types of simple, but thorough and tremendously effective stretching exercise programs. There is a staggering array of options offered in the marketplace for helping people increase their range of motion. From cheap flimsy gadgets to huge & expensive machines, consumers are led to believe they need some sort of contraption in order to become more flexible.

The truth is anyone, even high level athletes, can get all the flexibility they need with the right stretching program and maybe the occasional use of a towel and an exercise ball. Neglect Stretching At Your Own Risk Whether you are a grandparent who wants to be able to chase your grandkids around, or you are a high level athlete – you must incorporate the proper type of flexibility exercises into your fitness program or training routine. Without them, you are setting your self up for a host of potential problems – ranging from a serious back injury to a career ending muscle tear.

We hear about these stories all the time, from our family and friends, or in the sports section of the newspapers:

“Hey did you hear about so-and-so? He went to lift his briefcase out of the trunk and the next thing he knew, his back locked up & we were picking him up off the ground…”

…or what about this headline we see every so often:

All Star Athlete Leaves Big Game With High Grade
Groin Tear, Doctors Are Not Sure If He Will Ever Play
Again Lack of Flexibility Being Fingered as The Culprit

As a Professional Trainer and Exercise Physiologist, the biggest problem I’ve seen with most stretching programs in existence today is, they are inappropriate for the majority of people who need them. Some programs are too time consuming, some are complicated and some are just outright dangerous (ie – ballistic stretching – I mean, come on, ballistic??).

The roots of most common modern day stretching routines can be traced back to gymnastics or martial arts training. The reason for this is, both of these activities require extreme flexibility and extreme stretching is required to achieve this level of flexibility. To become flexible, people started doing what the extremely flexible gymnasts and martial artists did for their flexibility training.

Logical? Yes.

Smart? NO!

The biggest problem with these types of flexibility training programs is, they force the joints into an extremely uncomfortable and usually painful zone of the ‘extreme outer limits’ of natural range of motion (ROM). This is the range where tendons and ligaments are painfully stretched, and joint integrity is dangerously decreased.

And, so, joint stability is sacrificed for the ability to compete in an extreme sport which requires extreme flexibility.

This Is Not What The Fitness Or Athletic Population Needs!!

These types of stretching programs that result in joint instability, ultimately result in a decreased level of performance (and risk of injury) in regular daily activities or athletic events. Speaking from personal experience, I know first hand what flexibility training for the martial arts entails.

I practiced Kung Fu (Shaolin Mantis) for several years in my late teens and early twenties. The stretching was painful. My knees hurt, my back hurt and my hips hurt most of the time while I was studying the art on a consistent basis – and I am naturally flexible to begin with!

My wife, Jeri-Jo, was a competitive gymnast throughout most of her childhood. She recalls quite vividly the extreme forces required during flexibility training for her sport. In order for her to be able to perform in certain events, her body had to have a certain (extreme) degree of flexibility. In her words, “The flexibility required to perform as a gymnast is a level that calls for stretching to extremes which could be considered as, or even used as, a form of torture.”

Incredibly, I’ve come across fitness stretching programs and flexibility products or gadgets which still employ or teach these same types of extreme stretching positions, movements or principles. And the mindset behind this is, “In order for you to know you are getting the benefit of the stretch, you have to really feel like you are being stretched.”

Translation? It has to hurt in order for the stretch to be effective.

Absolutely Ridiculous!!

Mind you, there are “gentler” forms of flexibility exercise available to us now in the form of yoga and pilates, just to name a few. But in the real world, we all know how hard it is to go to a scheduled class on a regular basis, and some of these programs require the use of specialized machines and tables which do pose a risk, in addition to taking away the focus on the ‘self’.

I don’t like putting down certain forms of exercise that may help certain people, but if I truly believe something else is simpler yet superior – I will let people know my thoughts and professional opinion.

When it comes to improving flexibility, there is nothing that can take the place of a properly structured self stretching program that can be done anywhere, in a time frame of 12 – 45 minutes, (depending on the specific routine for a given day) with no expensive gadgets or machines.

These were the exact requirements I made of myself when I decided to produce the ‘Optimum Flexibility’ DVD series. In essence, I would put the same flexibility routines on DVDs, that became the signature element that set me apart from the vast majority of competing personal trainers and fitness consultants.

From Necessity Grew A Method

I began developing my stretching program as soon as I landed my first personal training client. One of his needs was to improve functional flexibility. Although I knew I could help him improve with what I knew at the time, I took it upon myself to learn more and see just how much we can improve his flexibility on the ‘upper end’.

And we did this not by going into the risky zones of extreme stretching, but by gently training his body to naturally become more limber and loose with targeted, simple and synergistic flexibility routines. His aches and pains started to subside, it was much easier to get out of bed in the morning, his golf game was getting better, he had more energy, his balance was better, he was happier.

His leg and back cramps became much less intense and much less frequent. It was quite rewarding to see his life changing mainly because of the consistent flexibility routine he had incorporated into his life. Well, the more successful we became at getting him to closer to a favorable functional flexibility level, the more I began integrating these stretch routines into my other clients’ training programs.

Everything Benefits From Improved Flexibility

And the results and feedback were just as positive if not more incredible, because some of these people had been working out for years. Improved strength, easier cardiovascular workouts, better agility, less fatigue – all because we introduced a flexibility component into each person’s training plan!

To me, it was a mini breakthrough of sorts, as a career fitness pro – because I felt I needed something to differentiate my image and reputation from the rest of the personal trainers in town and this would prove to be one of the crucial elements allowing this to happen.

The truth is, flexibility is a main component of overall fitness.

And I started treating it as such. Where other trainers would just tell their clients to ‘do some stretching before or after we meet for our workout’ – I was making it a priority to include flexibility training in each of my clients training plans. Everyone came to rely on their stretching & they hated missing workouts with me.

I knew I was onto something and so I continued to develop that aspect of my overall method of teaching fitness, while nearly most other personal trainers were ignoring it. As my client list grew larger I eventually had to hire trainers to help me handle the demand and grow the business. (This all took place between 1992 and 1999, in the suburbs of West Chester County, New York and Lower Connecticut [Greenwich, Riverside, Stamford]).

Flexibility Training Is Foreign To Fitness Pros

Every trainer I hired, needed complete training on how to integrate stretching exercises into a client’s workout and how to manually stretch a client. It was just something that was barely, if at all, taught in traditional fitness education settings. This reinforced my notion that ‘I’m developing a method of filling an unmet need in the health and fitness marketplace’.

I even had some clients that hired me for only flexibility improvement (I still have clients that come to me for just stretching sessions!!) Fast forward to 1999. I sold my training business in the Northeast and moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida – where I opened the Golfer’s Athletic Performance Center.

We specialized in training golfers, but not long after our doors were open, we found ourselves working with all types of athletes, and even many non-athletes. Our overall training philosophy and method was underscored by the importance we placed on flexibility training, and how we delivered these stretching exercise programs. Our clients were completely blown away with ‘how good they felt’ with our type of training program. The results were undeniable.

Joey Demonstrates Another Stretch For Optimum Flexibility opt_flex_for_golf.jpg

Highly Effective Flexibility Stretching Exercise Program Is Produced For The General Public

Over the last few years, I’ve taken my career in a direction requiring me to operate solo – without a staff of trainers. I’ve become more selective with my one-on-one clients, and this has afforded me the time to start putting my specialized training programs into DVD fitness & conditioning packages for people all over the world.

I’ve always had intentions of producing my own fitness training products for the mass market, but I was always ‘waiting for the perfect time’. Here is actually how it happened… My clients are travelers, and a challenge for them is staying consistent with their fitness programs while on the road. So, (about a year ago) I started putting workouts on DVDs for them to take along while traveling – eliminating the excuse ‘I don’t know what to do when you are not there’.

My clients were loving these workouts because they were simple, straightforward and effective. Ironically, the last ones to make it to video were the flexibility stretching workouts. My clients felt I should start cleaning these rough draft DVDs up a bit, and market them to people who don’t have the time or financial means to hire a full time trainer. And so I did exactly that.

‘Optimum Flexibility’ – The Ultimate Stretching Exercise Program.

This program combines only the best, safest, simplest and most effective stretches from various methods of achieving flexibility and enhanced range of motion: yoga, pilates, physical therapy & some good, long-forgotten stretching positions that actually feel great while your doing them.

The ‘Optimum Flexibility’ DVDs represent my best flexibility training methods in their latest form.

This encompasses over 16 years of continuous refinement and improvement. It is truly my best stuff & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Hey Joey I love the Optimum Flexibility program. As a personal trainer myself, I use it with my clients and have encouraged them to buy the DVDs themselves. Its a great all around, smooth flowing routine. Great job.”

- Evan Rosenthal Professional Trainer Custom Fitness Solutions Long Island, New York.

Here is what you’ll find in this life altering flexibility stretching program:

– There is absolutely no guesswork – you watch me on your TV screen and just do exactly what I do as you follow my simple instructions. (I don’t play music in the background of my programs, I want you to be able to listen to the music of your choice – and your choice should be able to change on any given day.)

– You are shown how far to go, when to stop and how long to hold a position.

– You are guided on how to breathe.

– You are given variations of certain stretches, as certain positions may be more suitable for your starting physical abilities and range of motion.

– You will learn how to stretch every muscle form your neck area down to your heels and feet.

– You will learn my most powerful assisted stretch. This one practically puts my clients into a relaxed trance as it forces all of the stress out of their neck and shoulder areas. (I actually decided to throw this one in as a bonus gift, last minute-on the spot, as we were shooting the videos – I pulled my camera guy into the scene and demonstrated the stretch on him. My clients have named this one ‘The Stress Buster’.)

– I teach you the only stretches you will ever need to do on the exercise ball. There are alot of them but only a select handful are worth the time and effort.

– I show you the exact stretches with the most benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Three complete programs:

  • Optimum Flexibility – long program – 45 minutes
  • Optimum Flexibility – Quick Stretch – 12 minutes (for when you are short on time)
  • Best Stretches On the Ball For Full Body Flexibility

The synergistic effect of these three programs used together is where the real magic is.

Pick which program you want to do, put it in your DVD player & just follow my lead.

Specific stretches, derived from injury rehab programs, which relax & rejuvenate the deepest layers of the core and most sensitive muscles of the lower back region – to get rid of most common aches and pains and keep you injury free and super-hero strong.

No guesswork on your part. No annoying music, no size 2 ‘fitness bunnies’ jumping around – just me and you doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

There is so much more I can add to this list. But I think you understand what this program is about. Whether you are a grandparent who wants to run and play with your grandkids or you are a high level athlete who wants to run circles around your opponents – having the optimal level of flexibility is what you need to make everything else as effective as possible.

Strength, agility, balance, power and coordination can all be enhanced with the proper flexibility stretching program. And ‘Optimum Flexibility’ is that proper stretch program.

“Hello Joey, I actually did the 45 minute program for the first time yesterday. It was better than any others I have tried and I have quite a library of workout videos, including a few stretch and yoga related. holding the stretches for the length of time you recommend each be held is really what sets it apart, as well as the absence of that namaste new age stuff which I frankly have never been able to embrace. I have also tacked on the 12 minute Quick-Stretch after a few of my cardio and toning workouts. You ought to try to hook up with Collage Video and have them distribute your workouts, if you haven’t already. Thanks for everything… ” - Ally Modamund

“OK, Joey. What Exactly Do I Get And How Much Does It Cost?

  1. dvd_flex_page_1_of.jpg DVD # 1 – ‘Optimum Flexibility’ – The Ultimate Stretching Exercise Program – This 45 minute routine gives you everything you need, and leaves out everything you don’t need. Extremely safe and highly effective – you will begin to feel looser and more energetic after just the first time going through this simple program. ($29.99 When Sold Separately – See Below For Special Offer)
  2. dvd_flex_page_of_2.jpg DVD # 2 (3 programs) ‘Optimum Flexibility – Quick Stretch‘- This 12 minute routine gives you almost all the benefits of the above program (provided you’ve been doing the long program once or twice per week), but in much less time. (Perfect for busy people!) – When you are short on time, don’t skip the stretch – just do the ‘QuickStretch’.
    Great for just before your game or for a power boosting morning stretch to get you going.- ‘The Stress Buster’ – We decided to add this one last minute, even though you’ll need someone to help. It is so simple but stunningly effective – it will knock your socks off, and anyone you do it to!!- The Best Stretches on The Exercise Ball – Nobody wants to spend 90 minutes on the exercise ball – but some programs are designed to have you do just that. Totally Unrealistic!! I show you exactly how to do only the best, most effective stretches you will ever need to do on the ball in about ten minutes. The only side affects here are a powerful adrenaline rush and the feeling that you’ve grown 3 inches!! ($27.95 When Sold Separately – See Below For Special Offer)
  3. Immediate Download Exercises Upon the completion of your transaction, to get you started as soon as possible, you will receive photos and instructions for 2 full body, tension & tightness relieving stretches AND 4 Core (Abs, Hips, Lower & Mid back) Strengthening Exercises. (These exercises are worth their weight in gold!) (You will get this immediately after your transaction & it will also come to you by automatic email – PRINT IT AND SAVE IT TO YOUR FAVORITES AS WELL). ($25.99 When Sold Separately – See Below For Special Offer).

“Hi Joey, I do your short program almost EVERY evening before bed. I am amazed that something so simple makes such a HUGE difference in the way I feel in the morning and the rest of the day. Thank you.” – Sande Seibert

When this Special Offer ends, This Combo DVD and Download Package Normally Costs $79.99 But Here is What I Am Offering (LESS THAN half price!) For All Special Offer Purchasers:

  1. You get DVD # 2 Absolutely Free (that’s the one with the 3 programs) ($27.95 Value)
  2. You get the Download Exercises Absolutely Free ($25.99 Value) (these will be on your ‘Thank You’ page)
  3. You only pay $34.95 FOR EVERYTHING (DVDs 1 and 2 plus the downloads) if you order today, that’s over 50% OFF.
  4. And, If you order today I am also going to include FREE SHIPPING

And to make sure you are at ease with your purchase, this program, just like all of my other DVD products, is covered by a 1 Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee – In other words, you have 365 days to decide if this program gives you what you need. If it doesn’t, just send it back & you’ll be issued a full refund (minus shipping) – & you get to keep the freebies!

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“Dear Joey – I have a very bad back… fused vertebrae, rods, screws, etc. I can still golf but it has been difficult at times. Your stretching exercises have enabled me to do so much better and have provided alot of pain relief. I’m still getting better every week and at my age, given my deplorable condition, it is really helping me to do your stretches. Its amazing that a flexibility program so simple can make everyday life so much better. Thanks for caring and contacting me after I purchased the stretching videos, it means alot to me to know that you really do care.”

– Your Servant – Dr. Roy Lester


Be Fit!

Joey Atlas, M.S. – Exercise Physiology

PS – Don’t miss out on this offer, this program will help you in ways you never thought were possible.

“There are only a handful of Flexibility Specialists who truly understand what type of flexibility program a golfer needs. Joey is one of those guys. He has helped me tremendously. And if he can help an old golfer like me, his program will help you.”
- Mark McCumber – 10 Time PGA Tour Champion

“I have experienced chronic back pain for the past 20 years due to lack of flexibility. As a pediatric dentist and avid golfer, there have been periods of time when my back would ‘go out’ causing me to lose valuable time out of the office and off the golf course. Since working with Joey and his ‘Optimum Flexibility’ program, my back problems have been greatly reduced and I have not had to cancel one round of golf in the last 2 years. I used to be afraid to bend over and tee up my ball, now my opponents are afraid when I tee up the ball!! Joey has taught me how to gain flexibility, strength and endurance for golf and every day life. No other program has been able to help me like Joey’s has.” - Michael Switkes

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