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The top exercise videos offer a solution to the challenges of finding long term fitness success – no matter what stage of life you are at – no matter what your goals may be. There is an ever growing number of exercise videos to choose from. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsafe, out-dated, ‘recycled’ or just plain boring and ineffective exercise videos in this vast selection. Many exercise video reviews that can be found on the internet are phony, positive reviews all aimed at getting readers to make an impulse ‘buy’ decision. So, how can you know which exercise video is credible, up to date and appropriate for you? Options and choices are endless, being available in stores, catalogs and all over the internet – and the variety of exercise videos that are currently makes for a time-consuming and frustrating task when trying to figure which program will give you the best results in a safe and efficiently realistic manner. There is a quick and easy process you can go through to help narrow down your choices and help you locate the precise exercise videos that are most appropriate for your specific needs and goals. Common sense is your main tool in this simple process.

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For starters, you must assess your exercise preferences. Do you want to avoid having to become a member of a health club or fitness center? Would you rather workout in the privacy of your own home-gym at your convenience? Are you interested in using minimal exercise equipment, if possible? Do you want to exercise with weights or would you prefer an exercise video that doesn’t require the use of weights or machines? Do you prefer to workout with music or television in the background? Or would you rather be able to choose your own music or listen to nothing at all? Do you want to watch one fitness professional on the exercise video or do you want to see a handful of people doing the exercise program? Next, you should assess your starting point and define your goals. Are you a twenty year old fitness newbie? Are you a sixty-two year old exercise ‘old-timer’ looking for some effective alternatives? Are you a seventy-five year old ‘starting all over again’? Are you extremely out of shape and overweight or do you just need to tone up and trim down a bit? Maybe you are a ‘bodybuilder’ who is ready to trade the long hours in the gym for a home based fitness & muscle toning routine that is more compatible with a family and career life. The best exercise videos implement proven principles of steady progression and exercise program design for all levels of fitness and physical ability. These types of exercise videos can progress an exercise newcomer through various levels over time and can also provide higher levels of intensity and variety for anyone who has been training regularly but is interested in enhanced results without unrealistic time spent ‘in the gym’. Then, you should research the exercise instructor who created the exercise video or videos you are interested in training with. While a lot of the big names occupy the majority of rack space in the major department stores as well as the top sporting goods outlets, there are a good number of "under ground, grass-roots" exercise pros who are creating and marketing their own lines of very safe, highly efficient and tremendously effective exercise videos. One simple way to do this is to find a well educated and experienced fitness professional who produces exercise videos that appeal to you. Then run a search of their name on a top search engine, such as Yahoo!, MSN or Google. Take some time to see what kind of results come back in your search and what else you can learn about their exercise videos and general philosophy on exercise and fitness. Next step is to make sure the exercise videos you purchase come with at least a six-month, or longer, return policy period. A ‘thirty-day’ satisfaction guarantee is useless and most people don’t truly get into an exercise video until the first four to six weeks from the date they made the purchase. You need enough time to use the exercise videos and see if you are starting to feel the changes and results you are seeking. If the exercise videos you have selected are good ones, then you will see results early on and you will not want to return them anyway, right?< Last step is to put your new exercise videos to consistent use. They can't work if you let them sit and collect dust. If you are serious about results you should plan on following the progression plans or workout schedules that are included with your exercise video. If you come across exercise videos that do not offer plans or schedules for guidance, then keep looking. You want to avoid as much guesswork as possible. Invest some time 'doing your homework' when searching for the best exercise videos for your needs and goals and your small investment in time will pay off in big health and fitness improvements and continued success.

Joey Atlas Photo Joey Atlas, M.S. – Exercise Physiology is the president of Joey Atlas Fitness Resources in Ponte Vedra, Florida. He is a Fitness Consultant, Speaker, Professional Trainer and Fitness Writer. He is also the creator of The Home, Office and Travel Exercise Video Series, an Internationally distributed collection of exercise videos for women and men.

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