Expert Interview: How to Improve Balance for Anti-Aging Enhancement

As we age our body deteriorates if we allow it to. One of the key functions we lose as a result of neglect and inactivity is balance. When balance diminishes it sets the stage for falls, hip fractures, shoulders dislocations and serious head injuries.

This aging issue can be powerfully managed with the proper approach to balance improvement. In this insightful interview, with Senior Fitness Specialist, Mike Ross – we cover the things which most people don’t know – and have a hard time learning about balance and anti-aging.


Here are the questions we cover in this helpful Q&A Interview:

1 – What are some of the biggest problems caused by loss of balance?

2 – When does balance typically start to degrade?

3 – What are the top 2 myths or misunderstandings about loss of balance and the possibility of regaining it?

4 – What happens in the body, physiologically, to cause loss of balance?

5 – What options do people have to reverse these effects?

6 – For any listeners suffering from this – or concerned about future problems that come with aging; What advice can you offer?

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