- by Joey Atlas

Dangerous Stretching: The Wrong Stretches Can Do You Harm

I’m always on the lookout for dangerous fitness advice, so I can
advise my clients and subscribers before they come across the
potentially harmful information…

Here’s a paragraph from an article I found that, for sure, will
cause some people some pain and possible injury. This is one of
the biggest problems on the web – Most people can’t tell what is
trash info or dangerous advice:

“Let’s first discuss stretching the upper back. Stretching exercises for back pain depend on where the pain originates or is located because sometimes lower back exercises may exacerbate the upper back. For upper back pain, sometimes it is actually the neck where the pain originates from so neck stretches should help.”

“These types of stretching exercises for back pain start with you standing with both feet flat on the floor with your head forward and knees gently bent. Slowly, you move your head down so your chin touches the chest and then move your neck slowly from the left to the right before returning to the original position.”


Additionally there were no photos – and no professional entity
attached to this bad advice…

So, always keep in mind when surfing the ‘net for
advice or ‘how to’ info – always verify/check the source…

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