“This is One of The Easiest And Most Effective Stretches.”

By Joey Atlas, MS – Exercise Physiology
Creator of the ‘Optimum Flexibility Stretches’ DVD Series

Joey Atlas Demonstrates One of the Most Effective Full Body
Flexibility Stretches at a ‘Stretching For Optimum Flexibility’ Seminar

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“Dear Joey – I have a very bad back… fused vertebrae, rods, screws, etc. I can still golf but it has been difficult at times. Your stretching exercises have enabled me to do so much better and have provided alot of pain relief. I’m still getting better every week and at my age, given my deplorable condition, it is really helping me to do your stretches. Its amazing that a flexibility program so simple can make everyday life so much better. Thanks for caring and contacting me after I purchased the stretching videos, it means alot to me to know that you really do care.”

- Your Servant – Dr. Roy Lester